###Cardboard: Using paper While experimenting, in order to compare all of the different materials effectively, I had to keep all of the conditions the same. While some of the materials were difficult to work with, I noticed that paper was easy to process, and way it changed in printing was also significant. Although it’s more common to print in relief, by using the flexibility of the paper, it is possible to print in intaglio: wiping the ink away from the convex, non-printing edges and transferring ink from the concave section onto the paper. Precisely because it is movable paper-made type, letterpress (relief) and intaglio printing are both possible. Whilst looking at various types of paper, I discovered some thick card made of cardboard with a layer of coated paper on each side. Because it was coated, I thought it would allow me to wipe off any stuck-on ink, and that it would stand up to repeated use. In addition, because it was inexpensive and easy to produce, thinking I would be able to: (by hand, with scissors, with a box cutter, and every other cutting tool I could find) cut roll stab with pins bend cut off flip scratch carve draw stick hit paste it I tried making type in these various ways.